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Title: Your Stuff sticky
Post by: Ron Edwards on July 13, 2012, 07:09:53 PM
The general rules for this whole forum may be found here ( (same link for all three stickies for these subforums).

Topics for this forum include:

Any discussion about any role-playing you're doing or have ever done. Doesn't matter what system or rules-set, doesn't matter whether it's published or in playtest, doesn't matter what you want to discuss as long as it's a real topic. Oh, and also required, that it's not written by me; that would go in the My Stuff forum.

Questions, observations, and concerns about a role-playing game you or someone else (but not me) is designing as we speak. In this case, please include a link to any external location we readers can use as a reference. Also, independent games only, please - which here at this site is effectively synonymous with "self-published."

It is very, very helpful to include some idea of both the fiction generated at the table and the real-person interactions (rules and otherwise) which led to those events in play.

I think that's about it. Follow the general rules, stay with these topic restrictions, and we're good.