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Hangout On Air and RPG's Actual Play
« on: July 20, 2013, 11:23:43 PM »

A few hours ago I did watch a game session of Steal Away Jordan run by the designer, Julia B. Ellingboe using Google Hangouts On Air, on Youtube:

Then, I did watch a game session of Kagematsu run by Danielle Lewon:

(and in the middle I watched a panel about "Sex and RPGs" with the participation of Emily Care Boss, Meguey Barker, Joe Mcdaldno and Zack Smith)

They are two demonstration of two very good games that, it seems, need more attentions (Kagematsu is widely played in every Italian Indie convention, but it's rare finding an actual play in English), and I wanted to post the link for everybody who could be interested (and they should) and don't usually follow the hangouts on air.

But apart from these three specific links, I wanted to talk about the way hangout on Air is changing the way to show how the games are played.

I remember when the Spione forum was active, there was talk about creating video registrations of some game sessions and posting them on the site. A couple playtest sessions were put online in this manner, but at the time it was very difficult to do a good registration without professional equipment. To show "how to play" using videoclips was a concept widely talked about in the Forge days, but it was never really realized (the only people using video to "promote" their games was WotC, with a D&D4 promotional clip that made a lot of people cringe for the way it presented the players and gaming)

Now, everybody can do it. Easily. Record a game with every player in front of a different camera, with the bigger screen going to the one who is talking, and you can even edit the video afterwards before putting it on youtube.

And it's a kind of promotion/teaching that favour the strengths of Story Now games. You can watch a three hours game of Kagematsu (even in a minimized window while you are working with the PC, for example, as I am doing now) and it's interesting.  Do the same with D&D and it's mind-numbing boring.

The reason of this thread: to signal the three links above, to inspire others to do the same with their games, and to get other links of similar actual play shows of story now games.

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Re: Hangout On Air and RPG's Actual Play
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I did forget to post the link to the panel about sex and gdr: