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My Stuff sticky
« on: July 13, 2012, 07:11:29 PM »
The general rules for this whole forum may be found here (same link for all three stickies for these subforums).

Topics for this forum include:

Any discussion about any role-playing you're doing or have ever done using something I've published; see the Role-playing games and Story Now series pages.

Any follow-up or criticism from something you've found at Ideas and discourse (including links to interviews and to the old Forge, 2008-2012 and the older Forge archives, 2001-2008). 

Questions, observations, and concerns about any of the projects listed at my Works in Progress page, including your experiences in trying them out.

A quick notification: I tend to use crass language and I can be sarcastic for fun. I try to keep that minimal in the other forums, but in this one ... well, it's sort of tequila-like in here. I'll spot you some dis-inhibition if you spot me some.