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Author Topic: [GenCon 2004] Booth furniture - very important  (Read 2222 times)
Ron Edwards
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« on: July 20, 2004, 07:53:36 AM »


So far I have not ordered any booth furniture from the company that's working with GenCon LLC, The George E. Fern Co.

For all three GenCons I've done so far, this company has been entirely satisfactory: the requested stuff was there, the staff was on hand and friendly about on-site changes, and so on.

The concern is cost, which for what we want is approximately $900 through Geo E. Fern - I paid this entirely out of the Adept Press kitty last year. The reason I haven't ordered anything yet is because I've been assured by multiple people that "we could do it cheaper ourselves." My response, and it needs to get addressed right away, is ...

Oh yeah?

Meaning that if someone can, himself or herself, step up and arrange the following things for less than $900 (approximate cost of furniture through Geo E. Fern), then let's do it. But I don't want to deal with anyone who has suggestions about how someone else could do it.

1. Two 4' long tables with skirts, six or seven 3' high round tables, 20 folding chairs

2. 10' x 20' carpet

3. All of the above present and accounted for at the booth on Wednesday morning of GenCon setup.

4. No hand-holding from me, and getting confirmed information about costs and transport within the next ten days.

I can't say it enough: please don't post merely to say how "it would be so easy" without actually volunteering to check out (and by extension, to perform) #1-4 above. Remember, it's not just finding and pricing, it's transporting too.

Ideally I'd like several people checking out options at once, to see if a good plan emerges from their work.

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