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Author Topic: GenCon booth construction (split)  (Read 1980 times)

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« on: November 23, 2004, 07:23:47 PM »


Some thoughts on construction that might make it easier to transport.  From where I sit, the framwork must have two properties: transportable and disassembleable (that a word?).  Think about the way you have to build it.

If it is to remain something sturdy and capable fo being broken down and rebuilt over and over, then you really arent going to be able to use a lot of mechanical fasteners (eg nails and screws).  They'll chew up the wood too much and after a couple time of nailing/screwing the ends of the boards will be a mangled mess.  Instead, consider the platform be made of many many interlocking 2x4s.  Imagine it like Lincoln Logs or better yet a boardwalk along a beach.  There is space between each board, but the boardwalk still supports a great deal of weight.  Not only that, but it looks a lot snazier than a bunch of sheet of plywood nailed to a frame.

Secondly, 2x4s are much easier to transport.  You're not dealign with a hulking 10'x20' sheed of wood, but instead a bunch of normal size boards.  If done right, none of them really need to be over 10' long.  Yould lay two 10' boards end to end making a 20' long beam with supporting vertical beams in the middle and on each end.  There would be about a 2" space between each board.  Someone with more carpentry and math skills should double check me, but if I did it right in my head you'd only need 30 ten foot 2x4s for the horisontal platform.  Maybe 2" between each board is too far.  1" might be better and safer; you'd have to see.

But anyway, I think that this might solve several problems.  First, the structural integrity will be comparable.  You just have to watch out as someone rolls a die off the end of the table and it falls down to the first story heh heh.  The 2x4s should fit inside a full size van or maybe even a pickup.  Lastly, since mechanical fasteners are kept to a minimum, the platform should be reuseable and easy to set up.

Anyway, just a thought to try to help out :)



Ron Edwards
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« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2004, 06:05:42 AM »

Split from GenCon booth construction. No big deal, Troy.

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