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Another Sad Little Narrativist Vampire Game

Started by lumpley, February 19, 2002, 09:08:36 PM

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This one looks very similar to">the previous, but little changes in the stat names and relationships make a big (well, small, but still) difference in Premise.

The two are compatible. I kind of like the idea of not knowing which kind of NPC you're going to get until it's too late, and having to juggle both sorts of relationships in play.

I think that if I can come up with a third game, I'll call them Hungry, Desperate and Alone: 3 Interlocking Vampire Games and put them on my website.  As a curiosity.


Are your needs worth your lovers' happiness?

Make up a vampire.

When an NPC meets you, she gets three stats:
-Attraction, equal to some level (1-6 I'd think) arrived at via your actions and the text on your character sheet.
-Anger, equal to zero.
-Self-loathing, equal to zero.
and you and she share a stat:
-Intimacy, equal to zero.

Play starts with such a meeting.

Whenever you and the NPC come together, roll dice equal to the NPC's Attraction, minus her Anger. On a success, the NPC comes on to you. If you respond, the two of you get +1 Intimacy.

When you drink her blood, it's satisfying proportional to your shared Intimacy. I'm thinking you won't have to drink blood again for Intimacy^2 nights.  Being hungry but not drinking blood is Very Very Bad.

When you and the NPC separate, roll dice equal to your Intimacy.  On a success, the NPC has a sudden terrible realization about your relationship and what must be wrong with her that she's still in it and she gets +1 Self-loathing.

Every time you and the NPC are apart, roll dice equal to the NPC's Self-loathing.  On a success, she does something awful: Roll dice equal to her Anger.  On a success here she tries to do something awful to you, and on a failure she does something awful to herself.

So the Angrier she is at you, a. the more likely she is to keep her distance, b. the less likely she is to take it out on herself, and c. the worse it is for your own selfish survival.

Her Anger is what you make it.


Oh yikes.  How about:

Make up yourself as a vampire...



lumpley me olde son, you have successfuly crossed my "ick" threshold.  

Hard to do.

I'd hate to see you working over 'wraith'.  I'd have to hang myself with my mouse cord.

I couldn't play your vampire game, but I have to respect anything that makes me that grimacy.

Good job you dangerous sicko!