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Public Service Announcement - Paypal

Started by Valamir, May 23, 2005, 08:33:14 PM

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I'm posting this here because I know a number of indie publishers use paypal to collect payment.

I've been getting a number of spoof emails claiming to be from paypal and leading to a VERY authentic looking paypal log in site...which of course is just trying to farm your log in.

The latest ones have been in the guise of "notifying" me that a new email address has been added to my paypal that is obviously a spammer type email that would provoke an immediate "oh no, someones trying to rip me off I better notify paypal that thats not a good address" response.  Of course the "notify paypal" link is a farming site.

As I said, they look VERY authentic.  The farming site is actually a mirror of the actual paypal page complete with current ads, so be careful.

If you get any of these you can forward them on to


These are usually pretty obvious if you check your browser's address bar. A good rule of thmub is, don't type your password in a form, unless you actually manually pointed your browser there by typing "" or whatever in the address bar yourself. These spoofers also try to farm eBay and other big online companies. (I think I've had a couple scamming Amazon.Com.)

Andrew Morris

Even better is not to click the link on any email. Go directly to the company's site, and handle it that way.
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Even better than what I said is to.... do what I said!


My writing skills must be degrading if Andrew thought he was upgrading my suggestion. :)

Andrew Morris

Eh, sorry. I thought you were saying to check the URL once you'd clicked on the link and gone to the site.
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