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Using The Pool when playing HeroQuest

Started by NickHollingsworth, June 06, 2005, 12:46:37 PM

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A while back (in the lull between HeroWars and HeroQuest) I experimented with using The Pool to run HeroQuest games. We already had HQ characters and an ongoing campaign, so I wanted to be able to use The Pool to run the game but without having to change the HQ PC or NPC stats in any way.

It was trivial to do this because:
    The Pool is a very simple system and

    HQ has you describe characters in an abstract way so it does not tie you to a given rules system.[/list:u]
    The resulting rules can be used to play HeroQuest, either instead of the standard rules or as well as them and without having to alter HeroQuest characters. You could think of them as the rules for another type of contest: a very long freeform one.

    Stumbling across the rules on my machine recently I realised I never posted them anywhere. So here they are:
The Pool As HeroQuest Plug-in.

If you already know The Pool then the main thing to note is the small table around page 4 in my notes, (I did say it was a trivial task). If you are not familiar with The Pool then you can read the lot (and its variants) in about 10 minutes at random order creations.
Nick Hollingsworth