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[DiTV] in Conventions and Demos

Started by epweissengruber, June 19, 2005, 09:37:54 PM

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Hey lumpley!

I will be running a demo of DiTV at a convention.

Can I deliver the emotional twists of the game in 2 hours, or am I kidding myself?


Two hours!

If you have only fifteen minutes, you're set - just run the little "shopkeeper from CT, whore/wife, brother, brother's son stealing money, brother's gonna shoot her, what do you do?" conflict in the book.

If you have four hours, you're set - do character creation in full, then a short town. I always use Tower Creek in the book.

Two hours though, I don't know. Let me know what you come up with!



What, you are not going to offer me an easy answer and indulge my laziness!

Seriously, thanks for the hints.  I think I can come up with a few modular episodes and get the point across: every action you take, every increase in stakes, can have serious consequences


You could do worse than spending two hours on a nice thorough character creation.

One of the nights at Dreamation that's what we did, and it was quite fulfilling.

If it doesn't take up the whole two hours - it probably won't - you could introduce a town and just play through a couple of those early finding-out-what's-really-really-bad conflicts. "You get the idea," you'd say at the end, and they'd be like "AAAAUGH! WHAT HAPPENS WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?! WHERE CAN I BUY THIS GAME?!?!" which is good for me, at least.