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Author Topic: More Capes Rules Questions  (Read 3031 times)

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« on: August 03, 2005, 08:36:51 AM »


Here are some straight forward rules questions that arose from last nights game.

1) The Free Claim you get at the top of a page is per player, not per character you control, right?

2) Can you "hold" your Free Claim.  Example: Alice, Bob and Carl go in that order.  Alice makes no claim.  Bob claims something, Carl introduces a Free Conflict and Claims a side.  Alice can then claim, say, the opposing side of Carl's new conflict without spending a story token right?

3) How much Inspiration can you spend on a turn?  By that I mean from how many sources can you spend Inspiration from on a single turn?

4)  "Allied" is a property of Characters, right?  The situation that was proposed is one in which Alice is playing two characters, X and Y.  But somehow X and Y have ended up on opposite sides of a Conflict.  Bob ends up staking some debt on this conflict.  When this conflict resolves, Alice is eligable for Story Tokens either way because 1) She had a character on the losing side and 2) the debt staked did not come from her own characters.

5) Let's say Alice wants to roll the white die up on a given conflict.  She rolls but the number comes up lower.  She decides to keep the number anyway to provoke a round of re-actions to get a second chance to roll it up.  1) Is this legal? 2) Does keeping the lower die temoprarily switch your alegiance?  If yes, this means you could end up "stuck" allied on the wrong side such that if someone elses roll in the reaction round moves the die out of your ability to affect it.


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« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2005, 08:57:06 AM »

(1)  Yes, it's per player.

(2)  No, it's not like reactions.  You get your one shot, and after that it costs Story Tokens.  Carl can choose whether to introduce the Free Conflict before Alice's turn (so that she may claim it for free), immediately after Alice's turn (so that Bob may claim it for free) or immediately before his own turn (so that only he may make a free claim).

(3) You can spend as many Inspirations as you have, on as many conflicts as you choose to.  You are limited only by the fact that you (presumably) have only a finite number of Inspirations.

(4) Absolutely correct.  I'll point out, also, that if Alice is the one resolving the conflict, and there are (as there often are on debt-laden conflicts) some Inspirations for one side and some Inspirations for the other, she can take all of them... some by way of one character and some by way of another.

(5 - 1)  It's legal.
(5 - 2) Temporarily, yes.  I've never seen somebody do this and not take their opportunity for first reaction (which switches their allegiance back where it ought to be).  But yes, I do see the way that it could happen, if somebody decides "Hey, I want to take last reaction, my team-mates will handle this for me" and then gets shoved out of the running.  That would be funny.  Am I allowed to say "Serves 'em right?"

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