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Author Topic: Plains of Chaos v1.0 Beta 1 (A GameMaker 6.1 RPG)  (Read 6998 times)

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RPG Programmer

« on: November 08, 2005, 03:57:10 PM »

Plains of Chaos v1.0 Beta 1
Download: PlainsofChaos.zip (1.25MB)

Keyboard Shortcuts:
F4 : Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode
Enter: Toggle background music on/off
Arrows: Move
S: Take a screenshot (Screenshots are in .png format: Plains of Chaos #.png)

The storyline is still being built, but already in the mix is the ability to turn into creatures you have defeated for brief periods (using MP) and use powers that the creature was able to use.

The main artifacts in the game are Dragon Orbs from the Eleven Types of Dragons:
Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, Red, Silver, White, Mercury, Crystal, Prismatic, Deep. These items are of immense power and you must seek them in different Plains of existence; sort of a Dante's Divine Comedy (Inferno) you'll travel from the Beauty of Heaven to the depths of The 9 Hells. Fighting monstrous creatures along the way.

Currently the game is in very low Beta phases, but as time progresses I will post the updates here.

I'm currently in the U.S. Army, so I won't have much time for the next couple of weeks to work on it, but it's still on my priorities list. (Along with my other project OOT2D).

This game will be infinately expandable, and I will release updates, patches and the like as time progresses. New items, weapons, character classes, areas, and enemies will be released with simple downloads (no need to redownload the .exe file). I will be adding a map maker so that you can, in an essence create your own dungeons and share them with friends.

Objects and the like will be made using my new XML parser system. The resources will be archived (7-ZIPped) and encrypted making them hack-proof.

I have made my own file types, which each have their own Icons, they are:

The language packs will allow you to play the game in any language that a pack has been made for, currently there is no dialog except the game's name in English. But as time progresses, I hope to have as many languages as possible.

A save system (.pcp) will be created as well, allowing you to save all of your Hero's progress and with no need to worry about furthur updates, the save files will be appendable.

Currently the Map has 5 layers:
Background (Grass, Dirt)
Terrain (Flowers, Rocks)
Objects (Trees, Bushes)
Fluff (Misc.)
Spawn (Enemies, NPC's, events)

A common .pca file, with the .pcc file (unzipped) looks like this:

When a room is created, a call to drawArea();  is made, this call is only needed once, and the whole level is created.

Quote from: Plains of Chaos.txt

7-Zip Copyright 2005 Igor Pavlov.

ImageConversion.dll by Windapple

The Lord's Icons Copyright 2005 FixIcon
105 icons only $6.30 USD

Game Maker 6.1
Copyright 2005 Mark Overmars

RPG Maker XP v1.01 - Postality Knights Edition
Copyright 2004 Enterbrain, Inc.

Download: Plains of Chaos v1.0 Beta 1 (1.25MB)

RPG Programming Master
Trevis Martin

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« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2005, 05:16:09 PM »

Hi Daniel,

Welcome to the Forge. This site is actually dedicated to the creation and play of creator owned tabletop, pen and paper roleplaying games, not computer role playing games. If you have any experiences or are interested in pen and paper RPG's we'd love to hear about it and have you participate, otherwise I don't think this is the kind of place you're looking for.



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RPG Programmer

« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2005, 08:07:48 PM »

I was totally unaware, thank you for your welcome.

Download: Plains of Chaos v1.0 Beta 1 (1.25MB)

RPG Programming Master
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