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Bacchanal: Outie for Best Sui Generis RPG of 2005

Started by Michael S. Miller, January 23, 2006, 12:33:50 PM

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Michael S. Miller

Ken Hite has awarded the Outie for Best Sui Generis RPG of 2005 to Bacchanal. Here's the link.

Congratulations, Paul!
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Ron Edwards

Larry L.

Here I was hoping that an "Outie" was awarded by some hip "coming out" lifestyle webzine, or some kinky devotees of the rarer configuration of navel, and I was like "Whoo Paul, way to reach new audiences!"

Then I realized it was just Ken Hite's column, which certainly is not bad, but a bit of a letdown after that. Oh well.

I also object vehemently to the categorization of certain titles as "not quite an RPG." What wacky arbitrary qualifications exclude Bacchanal from being an RPG?


If you take all the published RPGs in the world, including things like Bacchanal and the other things on the list, and you graph them in some gigantic N-space based on all the assumptions and characteristics they share, then 99.9% of them are going to be in a big fat gigantic cluster, and things like Bacchanal are going to be floating off at some distance.

So their being "not quite RPGs" is less a matter of crossing a defined ontological boundary, and more a matter of not being part of a big fat statistical cluster based on the history of RPGs.

That's my take anyway.  It makes sense in that context.

Paul Czege

I'm flattered. Thank you all. But mostly I'm humbled by the Sui Generis runners up and honorable mentions. What an incredibly competitive category.


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