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[Humor] Game Ninjae in the Vineyard

Started by Particle_Man, February 28, 2006, 09:59:57 PM

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[I wonder if this counts as a metagame?]

The players are each a Ninja sent to go from Gamer Group to Gamer Group, fixing whatever dysfunctions they find.

Here is my first take on the Gaming Group Creation Rules for Game Ninjae in the Vineyard:

Pride can enter a GMship when...

...You think that a house rule for fumbles would be cool.

...You think that you can play regular 3.x D&D without magic or magic items, but don't alter the monsters in any way.

...You think that you would be a better GM than the GM, and don't listen to the GM.

...You use your GMship as though it were power, not responsibility.

...You favour some of your players over others.

...You think that being GM means you deserve special recompense or consideration.

...You think that your convenience is more important than your GMship, so don't put any work into it.

...You think that your convenience is more important than being a player, so you don't put any work into it, or learning any rules.

...You deny someone the right to play a class or character concept without good reason.

...You insist on playing a character class or concept that doesn't fit the game or the rest of the party.

...You consider your character to be more important than other players' characters.

...You try to control how other players play their characters.

Injustice then results:

...A player has to choose between a crap game and no game.

...A GM has to deal with annoying players.

...Players have to deal with an annoying GM.

Sin then results:

...Violence, Deceit, Disunity, The Game losing cohesion, Players ceasing to care about the game, the GM ceasing to care about the game.

Demonic Attacks come next:

...The Game Company stops supporting the line.

...The Game Company puts out a new edition of the game (thus leading to an edition war).

...A New Game comes out, that seems a lot cooler than the game you are playing. But know one else realizes this but YOU!

...One of the other players starts spouting about this new game that only he thinks is cool, further disrupting the game.

...The GM changes the rules of the game mid-stream.

...The GM or Game Company pulls out a setting change that completely changes the nature of the game itself (especially good for storyline games).

False Doctrine will result:

...This Game is Ass!

...I should be GM.

...Let's meet at a different house and not tell Joe.

...My house rules are better than the GM's so lets all play with them, whatever he says.

...We should all take turns as GM, keeping the same setting but changing the rules and house rules with each new GM.


Corrupt Worship, False Priesthood, Sorcery and Hate and Murder are simply a matter of time, and left unchecked, lead to: