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First Town - Williamsville

Started by JMendes, May 13, 2006, 03:20:21 PM

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Hi, all, :)

Here's the town I made that we used for our first Dogs game. Comments are welcome.

- Brother Newton - is not applying proper stewardship over his son, Virgil
- Brother Virgil - does not want to work his family farm like he is supposed to
- Sister Lavinia - thinks she would do better by Virgil, even though they are not related

- Brother Virgil - is becoming slothful and uncaring
- Brother Nathaniel and Brother John - Virgil's brothers, are being overworked by Brother Newton, their father
- Sister Prudence - Sister Lavinia's daughter, isn't being allowed to be courted by Brother Elijah, also Brother Newton's son

- Disunity - Brother Nathaniel and Brother John are conspiring against their father, Brother Newton, for not making their brother pick up his share of the work
- Deceit - Brother Elijah and Sister Prudence are seeing each other behind Sister Lavinia's back
- Worldliness - Brother Virgil has taken to drinking and gambling

Demonic Attacks:
- Some farms, notably Brother Newton's and Sister Lavinia's, are going to have a bad yield, this year
- Other men, married men, are beginning to lust after Sister Prudence

What do the townspeople want from the Dogs?
- Brother Newton wants them to convince Brother Virgil to do his share
- Brother Nathaniel (son #1) wants them to punish Brother Newton for not applying proper stewardship
- Brother John (son #3) wants the same as Brother Nathaniel
- Brother Elijah (son #2) wants them to convince Sister Lavinia to allow him to court Sister Prudence
- Brother Virgil (son #4) just wants to be left alone
- Sister Lavinia wants them to give her stewardship over Brother Virgil
- Sister Prudence (daughter) wants the same as Brother Elijah
- Brother Hamilton (other married man) wants them to give him permission to court for a second wife, so he can court Sister Prudence
- Brother Phineas (yet another married man) wants the same

What do the demons want?
- They want for other people to follow Virgil's cue and stop working
- They want for Brother Hamilton and Brother Phineas to force themselves on Sister Prudence, eventually leading to vengeful murder or disputes between them and murder of some other sort

What do the demons want the Dogs to do?
- They want the Dogs to leave everyone alone. Things are going fine as they are now.

What would happen if the Dogs didn't come?
- Brother Hamilton would take upon himself the privilege of courting for a second wife and would impose his presence on Sister Prudence, creating false doctrine. Brother Phineas and other married men would follow suit, creating corrupt worship. Either one of them would rise to false priesthood.
- As other townsfolk fell in line with Brother Virgil's slacking off attitude, this would automatically rise Brother Virgil's position to that of a false priest. He would quickly turn to sorcery.
- Eventually, either Sister Prudence or Brother Newton or both would have been murdered.

Beginning with three prides right off the bat made for a rather complicated initial situation, which is why I stopped at Demonic Attacks. Also, I figured nine NPCs would be more than enough for one playing session.

Hope you enjoy this. Feel free to use it, tweaked or otherwise.

João Mendes
Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon Gamer