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[TSoY] The Knights of the Thrice-Bled Lotus

Started by Miedvied, June 09, 2006, 11:50:29 PM

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I was generally futzing about for some character thumbnails for a TSoY game I'm instigating on #indierpgs, and a throw-away line came to me as I was flipping through the Ammeni section of TSoY. "Knight of the Thrice-Bled Lotus".

Well, I sketched out a character, and a few minutes later... well, there's now an entry about the Knights of the Thrice-Bled Lotus over on the TSoY Wiki.

I'd include all of it here, save for the fact that it's moderate-to-heavily formatted for the wiki, and so it's inconvenient to do so. As an overview, though, I essentially set up a group of Ammenite assassins whose job it was to assassinate governments, not people. Primary influences included the British and French techniques of handling their colonies, and an image I have in my mind of all the troops dropping out of the Trojan Horse being Ammenite poison-ninjas.

(I wasn't sure if this sort of material was altogether appropriate to post here, but I couldn't find any comments one way or the other. Figuring people would rather see this than not, I'm tossing it up. If I'm wrong to do so, gimme the heads-up, and I won't again.)
James Steinberg


Hi Fellow James, I like that!  I have to admit I had trouble wading through the game-fiction elements of the entry, but I like the concept.

You could handle this pretty easily with...
Secret of the Thrice-Bled Lotus
You have been inducted into a secret society of spies who assassinate not enemy politicians, but the enemy's political process itself.  With this secret, you can use Assassinate to create civil war in a targeted location, destroying the group's ability to cooperate.  Around 5 people, 1 Instinct; around 25 people, 3 Instinct; around 100 people, 6 Instinct; a big honkin' town, 10 Instinct.