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[MLwM] Starting Fear for single session game?

Started by baron samedi, July 04, 2006, 09:21:12 PM

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baron samedi


I have friends over this summer who'd like to try playing [MLwM], but we have only a single evening available.

Thus, I was wondering what the starting FEAR and REASON level should be so that we can have a strong (90%+) probability to reach Endgame during the evening. Help would be much appreciated...

Sorry if anyone alreadt posted this, I searched and couldn't find any.


Erick N. Bouchard

Christoph Boeckle

Hello Erick!

The two one-shot games I played featured a Master with a Fear of 2 and a Demesne with a Reason of 2.
In the first game, there where three players and the game lasted approximately three and a half hours. In the second one, only two players and a duration of two and a half hours.

Neither of the sessions saw the Horror revealed triggered and the Master wasn't really intimidating (lots of resists and ties (a huge amount of ties in the second session actually)), so I'd consider bringing the Fear score up to three.

The game wouldn't be much longer I reckon and maybe it'd be just enough to reveal some nasty horror...

baron samedi

Hi Artanis,

Thanks for the input. It's amusing to see we exchange both in French and English forums. Unfortunately, I have to type with my hands (not vocal recognition) in English, so I'll be less volubile.

So, essentially I take it that :

Fear > Reason = good probability of 1 session game

I'll try it out with Fear 3 & Reason 2. My pals liked the whole "play Igor" concept, let's see how it goes about the agressive framing issue, this is new stuff...



baron samedi

Ooops... That should have been a < symbol, not a >... sorry!


Paul Czege

Hey Erick,

If you go with Fear 3, Reason 2, I recommend starting each minion with at least one Love from a Connection. Good luck.

My Life with Master knows codependence.
And if you're doing anything with your Acts of Evil ashcan license, of course I'm curious and would love to hear about your plans

Christoph Boeckle

Oops, reading Paul's commentary, I see that I completely forgot to say that in both of my games, the characters started each with one Love point.

baron samedi

Thanks Paul, Julie, Christoph, we'll torture some villagers in your honour.