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Regarding copyright and intellectual property

Started by Ron Edwards, July 13, 2006, 01:34:32 PM

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Ron Edwards

If you have questions about these topics, please take them to the Publishing forum. This forum is about role-playing design ideas.

However, before posting, also please take some time to browse the forum and learn from the older discussions. Some of them include very extensive links to real, legal, government websites that can give you straight answers. I'll try to get a sticky post up at that forum that can help you.

Also, you should never pose legal questions as a discussion topic on a public internet site. Everyone out there thinks he or she is a lawyer, but they're not. Therefore, look for the older discussions, find the links, and if you have further questions about how they apply to role-playing publishing, then post new threads asking for experiences.

Finally, do not post to older threads. Do NOT post to older threads.

Best, Ron