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Author Topic: [Afraid] A Monster and Questions  (Read 2034 times)

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« on: August 01, 2006, 07:49:40 PM »

I ran my Witchfinder version of Dogs.  The players enjoyed themselves, though they didn't show much interest in passing judgment, rooting out sin etc...

Afraid, I think, will give them what they want. 

They want to stick with the same characters, so this monster exists in Puritanical early
America.  My girlfriend helped me make the monster.  We had a lot of fun. Is this monster supernatural enough?

Elenora Brackstone

Habit: Elenora enjoys cooking dinner for people. (We decided to keep the habit benign)
Curiosity: Elenora wonders just how fat she can make her greedy neighbor Mrs. Marplett.
Ritualistic: She invites Marplett over many times, her cooking becomes more methodical, ritualistic-- sort of like a witch's brew.  With rich, exotic spices.  Specific complicated recipes.
Extremity: With new recipes her meals create an addiction and physical harm to those who eat mostly some physical distortion. 
Threshold:  She discovers if she feeds an exact number of people a specific number of meals (as in 6 course meal) they will fall into a deep, satiated sleep.  As they sleep Elenora finds she need not sleep, she has extra vigor, stamina and regenerative powers.
Pushing: She now uses all her energy to make more complicated difficult recipes.  Since knife cuts or injury to herself are healed at the end of the meal, she is more violent to herself, uncaring if she nicks or cuts her fingers during preparation.  Ultimately she finds if she slices off bits of herself into the food, the food becomes very delicious and she can dominate her guests the next day with a subtle power of suggestion.
Transformation:  One night she pushes herself to the limit, slicing off and cooking too much of her own body.  She returns to the kitchen, after serving the final course and falls over dead.  As the guests dream she regenerates and is reborn.
These guests become her slaves. 

By feeding her flesh to people she eventually dominates them.  They become trapped souls in their own distorted, food warped bodies. 
Horror: Soon everyone would come under her power.

Elenora Brackstone

Acuity 2d6
Body 7d6
Heart 3d6
Will 2d6

2d4 I have an ugly smile
2d6 Sweet talker, social niceties.
1d8 I know what people dream about
1d10 Good Cook
1d10 fast
1d4 ??
2d6  I injure myself during the day
3d8 I always give food to those who ask.
1d10 I never sleep
4d10 Mrs Marplett

Big Nice Supernatural Cleaver 2d8 +1d4 (it has soaked in her blood and flesh so much it taints anyone else it cuts)
The Victim
2d10 level.
Sarah Colby

Quality: She has a good appetite.
Someone loves her for it: Her parents
Someone loves her despite the same: Her husband
Someone depends on her: Her family (husband and kids)
Someone related to her by blood: Parents
Shared relationship: Husband
Sees every day: Family
Professional interest: Merchant boss

Access: Via Slaves or Acolytes
Intimacy: Slaves make a house call and serve the Victim bread with lard butter (lard made from Monster's own fat).
Nightmarish Physical Symptoms: Victim noticeably bigger, or thinner or whatever harm the Monster wanted to have her food do to this person.

Access: Slave or Acolyte sit outside her window at night.
Intimacy: Though the Acolyte the Monster access rejuvenation by being close when Victim sleeps
Nightmarish behaviors and mood Changes:  Victim begins to crave the food of the Monster.  Acting like any addict without access to their drug.   Victims will crave raw meat and will seek it out and eat it if not stopped. 

Access: Slaves and Acolytes stash bits of Monster's flesh around the Victim's house and yard.
Intimacy: Victim will crave and eat this flesh if found.
Nightmarish Events in environment: Bits of human flesh all over the place.

Access:  Monster makes a social visit.  Offers a soothing broth or soup to see if they can help.
Intimacy: Face to face contact.
Disturbing, inexplicable, nightmarish experience:  Later that night or the next day victim is thrust in the back of their own body (Malcovich?) and the Monster uses their body for awhile. 

Final Victimization
Monster brings victim to her house and feeds her her last meal of Monster flesh.

Now, some questions...
When should the GM ask the player "where do you go next" prior to setting the scene.   The rules instruct the GM to set scenes which "increase victimization, protection from the monster, finding new avenues of access etc.."  Should I be harsh in plopping the players down in these situations without much concern for continuity?
Do I go around the table and give each player a scene? (Ala MyLifew/master, primetime: note I've only read these systems, never played them).

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« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2006, 04:43:24 AM »

Rustin, that monster is very cool!  I think starting with a benevolent habit emphasizes the horror, nice choice.  The fact that the Monster feeds its own flesh to the victims is very gruesome, and sure to be awesome in play.

I'd love to hear an AP report on how the game goes with this monster.  Do you know when it will be played out yet?

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« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2006, 10:46:36 AM »

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm planning for this Sunday, though one player has already cancelled.  :(

I was thinking of putting together an AP report on just generating the monster, since we worked as a team, in a very freeform way. Monster creation = Lots of fun in and of itself. 

One issue we came across during creation was just how much external evil should we incorporate. At one point we had the idea that she somehow meets a cabal of witches and they teach her recipies.  At another point we had the idea that somehow she contacts and  then feeds her victims to Satan. (again the puritanical theme as well as the I like to cook for others theme).  Though, in the end we found it more sensible just to keep the evil contained within the monster itself.   

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