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CapesVTT and Capes Character Casting Call

Started by Kai_lord, September 22, 2006, 08:42:22 PM

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The Capes Virtual Tabletop is starting to take shape. It's far enough along that I'd like other people to start hammering on it, to see if you can break it. As of right now, it's only real function is to allow you to create, view, and discuss characters created for the Capes System.

That being said, I will be heading off to Southern Exposure next weekend, and I need some characters for the Capes games I'll be running. So, instead of limiting myself to my own creativity, I'm requesting that all of you fine folks download the CapesVTT software, and create some characters. I've created three games to help organize the characters, but feel free to create your own as well.

The software is available at my Capes webserver.
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