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Author Topic: A new spell  (Read 2223 times)

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« on: May 28, 2002, 03:40:24 PM »

here is a nasty Spell of Three I just cooked up

Thundering Throw
Spell of 3
CTN 6 if formalized (60 seconds)
T)1 R)1 V)1 D)0
Vagaries: Movement3 Summon 3,  Vision2
Effects: Speed3, Manueverability3, Lift3,  Divination2 (to know how the weapon will be effected by winds etc) Summon 3 (to allow the weapon to be tied off)

This spell allows he caster to imbue a weapon with tremendous force and accuracy. To activate the spell the caster throws the weapon.
 The weapon will do the weapons damage+missle pool+9 damage to one target and then is destroyed by the impact.

The summoning vagary allows the spell to be tied off at the cost of 1 point from the spell pool. The activation of the spell breaks the enchantment restores the pool.

Note: This spell is normally cast as a 'tied off' spell with an escape clause. The Sorcerer Irkindil who created the spell liked to carry three daggers carrying the spell with him.

Spell of 3
CTN 8 if formalized 6 (80 seconds)
T)1 R)2 V)2 D)0
Vagaries: Movement3  Vision2
Effects: Speed3, Manueverability3, Lift3, Clairvoyance2 (to guide the weapon) Divination2 (to know how the weapon will be effected by winds etc)
The big version is cast on large rocks (up to 200 lbs in weight) which are flung at a static target as fast as the stone can be accelerated without melting.
The Vision vagary used allows the stone to strike unerringly by determining a perfect path at the time of casting. Effects are up to the Senechal but a 200 lb object moving at 8000fps has a lot of energy and can smash almost any fortification to dust.

Another use for the Thunderstone spell is to cast the spell on a bag of lead pellets which can be flung into a crowd with devastating effects.

And yet another varient

Spell of 3
CTN 11 (110 seconds)
T)1 R)2 V)3 D)1
Vagaries: Movement3  Vision3 Summoning 1

Effects: Speed3, Manueverability3, Lift3, Clairvoyance2 (to guide the stone) Divination2 (to know how the weapon will be effected by winds etc) Summoning 1 (for duration)
The spell is cast to turn a large stone (up to a ton) into a guided missle. The stone is accelerated in any direction at up to terminal velocity and strikes any target unerringly . Effects are again up to the Senechal but a 2000 lb object moving fast enough could trigger global devestation.
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