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[ TSOY ] Clarification request: Zu words

Started by John Brown, March 13, 2007, 06:02:11 PM

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John Brown

I am assuming, though unsure, that the word Zu or Uz can be known by more than one character at a time thus differing from other Zu words of power. Can ones Zu or Uz be stolen as per the rules for acquisition words of power ( thereby stripping one of Zu powers)?

Also: Hi, my names John. I discovered your fascinating game this past weekend and have been devouring its delectable morsels almost nonstop since. It's quite enjoyable to be this excited about an rpg for the first time in a long while. Spent last night rallying my crew to prepare for a first session.

I'm really impressed with everything I've seen here, both TSoY ( indeed, mad props to Mr. Nixon ), and the community.

Good stuff.

Eero Tuovinen

The technical answer is that "Secret of Zu" and "Secret of Uz" are not, actually, zu words as defined by the rules. (You'll see this by noting that they do not, actually, have three tonal heights, and by the fact that they give bonus dice via a mechanic separate from that provided by zu words. And of course, by the fac that they are "Secrets", not "Words".) Therefore they do not work like the actual zu words in any way. Apparently they are a special case in the otherwise uniform structure of Zu, as befits generic words of emphasis.

That being said, however, it would still be by the rules to strip somebody of use of zu by "stealing his zu". The rules of the game allow one to claim any reasonable stakes, so if the way the group envisions zu includes the idea of stealing zu in this manner, then it is possible. Perfectly reasonable, too, as long as everybody knows that using the word "zu" is a great vulnerability for the root of your power. Although the rules do not say this, I recommend giving the player back an Advance if he loses the use of the Secret permanently. (Also note that the "thief" would not gain anything from the action, as he already has the Secret.) I would also, if I were moved to use this conceit in my own games, claim that the victim would lose his power of speech altogether, turning mute - just to emphasize the primeval nature of the power of zu and the heavy consequences of stripping it from somebody.
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John Brown

Thanks for the helpful and informative reply Eero. I'm not sure how theft of ones root Zu would effect play. My concern would be that characters would refrain from using their root syllables altogether. Should my crew decide to, I think I would set the stakes that any character attempting to steal a root would in turn be putting their own root in jeopardy, and that loss of a root is temporary until one can relearn it as per learning it anew. Known syllables would still be in possession, just temporarily unusable.

On a related note, It sure is fun making up syllables.