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[tsoy] Zu...

Started by Ronny Hedin, June 15, 2007, 06:58:40 AM

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Ronny Hedin

So, I'm starting a new TSOY campaign, and it's set to potentially feature some Zu in it. Naturally, I'm having dreadful trouble coming up with anything that seems reasonable and interesting.

Searched on the forum and did find some posts with generic advice on the topic, which was appreciated; what I didn't find was some more examples of what people have used in their games.

Surely someone must have some...?
Ronny Hedin (thark)

Eero Tuovinen

Do you mean that you need interesting Zu words, or interesting situations featuring Zu?
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Ronny Hedin

Words. (Well, not necessarily interesting ones, since that would have to spring out of the situations they're used in.)

Essentially I could do with some more ready-made examples beyond the five or so in the book.
Ronny Hedin (thark)


some words from the snakes in the shadows scenario:


more ideas:

    oblivion/forget/forgotten (pulled from Clinton's test campaign for the revised ed., IIRC)
    leap/leap/leaping (straightfoeward, but can be used outside the box)
    song/sing/sung (that one's either silly or scary or deep)
    death/die/dead (now you know why you need a qek zombie master to thwart the Zu-wielding moon man)