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EU States: Writers Block

Started by arkcure, March 12, 2003, 04:18:39 AM

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I Have recently come across a bad case of writer's block and can't seem to get through it.

I have finished my backstory, my histories, my timelines, various characters (although they need tweaking), the mystic nature of my world, and this and that.

I haven't applied mechanics to the game yet.  I don't want to until the writing is finished.  Is this just me, or is this feeling incompletion midway through a universal thing?


Oh, god, it's universal.  I'd recommend setting the whole project aside and just reading and playing a whole lot of other people's games.  Suddenly, in about 2 months (if you're like me), you'll go, "Hey!  That's so totally obvious!  I've got this great idea!"

Remember the rule of unionizing in Bush's America:

It won't get better if you picket.  :>

Just leave it alone for a while.  Really.
Chris Lehrich

Shreyas Sampat

Alternatively, I find that forcing yourself to write anything will help break down writer's block... just write and write and write, whatever comes into your head.  Take a shoe and describe it in excruciating detail, write letters home, write up a recipe book.  Whatever.  Just move the pen across the paper, and don't for any reason work on your game.  Continue this for at least a week.  Something will come to you eventually, and you will need to write it down.  At least, that's my experience, and talking to some other writers, I get the idea that it works for them too.


I agree with everything Shreyas just said, except for one word: "Alternatively."  I don't see these as alternatives at all.  If you're a write-a-lot sort of person normally, you must write write write.  If you're a write-when-I-am-sure-what-I'm-writing person normally, you must play play play and read read read.  Ideally, you should do all of these things.  Just DON'T force yourself to beat your face against your project.  You'll generate a lot of anger, frustration, and heartbreak.  Write something else, play something else, read something else.  And get cracking! :)

Remember this above all: it happens to everyone, and it happens often.  It doesn't mean you can't write, it doesn't mean your project sucks.  It's natural and normal.  My own experience is that when I'm really really stuck, and eventually suddenly the blockage goes away (it does, no, really, it does), I've been pregnant with something good and worth waiting for.  When I have to force it (because of an absolute deadline or something), I always end up having to rewrite it a year or so later.  If you're not under an absolute gun, set it aside and do something else.
Chris Lehrich

Ron Edwards


Now that a few views have been voiced, that's nice and all, but frankly, this is not an appropriate Forge topic.

Folks, this forum is for people designing games. Not for people thinking about maybe one day designing a game, or for people who want to be designing games but for some reason cannot.

When you start a thread here, name the game. Tell us about it. Ask specific questions that you'd like addressed. If possible, provide a link to a site which we can look at.



Dear Ron & Whomever It May Concern:

In regard to the post regarding this not being a valid topic, I disagree quite strongly.  While I don't wish to jam up the works with my lowly question, I do feel that as game designer, one of our jobs should first and foremost to be writers.
By creating thick settings and believable characters, will anything we do become successful?  I mean, this whole thing is a complete waste of time otherwise simply for the fact that if we DON"T network and share ideas, then where exactly will we be?  So, my question was seeking out other writers looking for advice concerning a topic that most writirs face, Writers Block.  

Now you could say, "Well, I've never had that problem before."  This is fine but for I'd say the majority, it is a problem that can delay a project and one's motivation, which can then grow and become a serious problem.  

Secondly, I did post the name of the game.  The Name of the game is EU States!  My name is not EU and was not making a statement atop my soapbox, but now I am.

Thirdly, This game is going to take some time to develop, and right now it is very young in the process of designing.  Therefore, I don't HAVE a website yet, although I'd like to design one and put one up.  It's just too bad I DON"T have the money to do this.  So Sorry.  If anyone wants to do one for free and pay for the web hosting, be my guest!  Ah, beggars can't be choosers.  And finally, I have been telling you about it, here and there.  Check all my posts, and all refer to recent questions concerning my game.

So, I hope I have clarified my position in justifying WHY this post was entered in the first place, despite it being "nice and all, but frankly, this is not an appropriate Forge topic."  And please do not in the future infer that I am some sort of "wannabe," only because it tries, at least in my opinion, to put you in a light that you are the sole intelligence of the gaming world, which simply isn't true either.  

Well, there.  Any other questions and comments, please forward them, but please try and be constructive about them.  

Best, but just good rather,

Ron Edwards