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The Keys of Uriel - a Sorcerer adventure

Started by Clinton R. Nixon, April 17, 2003, 05:16:06 PM

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Clinton R. Nixon

I just released a free Sorcerer (& Sword) adventure meant for convention or introductory play. It's a weird fantasy scenario with definite western elements to it, set in the town of Snake Gulch. I've also included some tips for continued play in Snake Gulch, with the pre-generated PCs or others.

Feel free to snag it at

I'll be running this Monday in Seattle, if anyone's in the area and interested. Also, my PDF maker has been giving me some serious problems. If anyone feels like making a PDF out of this with some quick and dirty layout, by all means do so.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Spooky Fanboy


Now that's a fun game! I'm definitely cribbing notes off of this! Reminds me of a pressing need I just discovered: watch more surrealist Westerns.

Speaking of this: just how the hell did you get the idea for this? I think I saw a post for this somewhere prior to this, I just can't remember where...
Proudly having no idea what he's doing since 1970!

Clinton R. Nixon

I posted about these characters earlier in the Adept Press forum, which is probably where you saw 'em.

This sounds lame, but I started by thinking how I'd make a D&D fighter, wizard, cleric, and half-elf rogue in Sorcerer. From there, I decided I liked the name Snake Gulch, and it just got more and more western-y.

Note all of this happened in the shower, which as Jared has proven, is the great indie RPG fountain of wisdom.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Ron Edwards

Hi Clinton,

I got the links up at the Sorcerer site, one in Actual Play and one in Downloads. Great work!


Nev the Deranged

All I can say for you fellow shower-thinkers out there is

Good for jotting notes in the shower, in the snow, while washing dishes, coral reef diving, you name it.  I use 'em for showering as well as for GeoCaching and hiking.


Thank you for awesome scenario!

I was especially impressed by the "fae blood" as demon bit-- that makes "Wizards" easier in a more conventional setting without losing any Sorcerer goodness