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The back of the Sorcerer character sheet

Started by Michael S. Miller, February 09, 2004, 07:11:05 AM

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Michael S. Miller

Ron, you clever bastard! You're always harping on folks to fill out the back of the character sheet and I always figured it was nice and all, but I really didn't get the importance of it.

Then, we're making characters yesterday, and I find myself explaining to the one player "Well, your character's mom is the source of his Lore, and his Kicker. Plus, she's also involved with his Price and his Cover, so she goes right in the middle." BAM! Then I got it.

You put friggin' story cross-hairs on the back of your character sheet! The stuff closest to that center point is most central to the character's story. Everyone else is likely sayin' "Well, duh, of course they are." but I just got it.

In short, really cool. I'll post more details about the character creation later in the week.
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Ron Edwards


Doing the happy dance.

Not using the diagram = bad Sorcerer play & prep. Using the diagram = good Sorcerer play & prep.

It's nice to know there are some things one can count on, and that's one of them.