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Title: [Forum Rules] The Forum is Closed
Post by: Eero Tuovinen on August 25, 2008, 10:28:38 AM
Ah, the fulfillment of my ambition!

Seriously, though, my primary reason for asking for a Forge forum was to get a new place to make chit-chat about the Solar System after Clinton's forum ( was deactivated. I really enjoyed reading and participating in those geeky speculations about the finer points of the rules. (And yes, I do realize that they don't usually have any direct significance for actual play.) I'm too busy to start anything myself now, but I hope to be able to put up some stuff related to my rewrite of The Shadow of Yesterday before the year is out. In the meanwhile I welcome anybody else to post their crunch - or challenges to my interpretation of the rules as laid out in the new Solar System booklet. I didn't market Solar System very ferociously at Gencon, but I fully expect that somebody will have some opinion of it in a couple of weeks, when they've had a chance to work through the nuances.

That's not to say that Zombie Cinema isn't a welcome topic, of course. I fear that it's not the sort of game that's conducive to any deep philosophizing about the rules design, but if anybody cares to write up their zombie stories, I love reading those. Variant suggestions are also something I imagine might come up - I know I'm going to publish a couple on our website at ( when I have some time.

Title: Re: [Forum Diary] I get my own rules!
Post by: Eero Tuovinen on May 20, 2011, 07:06:12 AM
This subforum is being closed as part of the Forge clean-up and refocusing Ron's been doing lately. The winter phase plan ( has been rolling for a while, and now's the time to close up the last publisher subforums ( I'm told that the closing will be implemented technically at the end of the month.

My thanks to all contributors who made this subforum an interesting read for me, with a lot of good feedback on my writing and design work - I hope that others got as much out of this forum thing as I did. For the future I should note that while there's no technical reason not to, I'm unlikely to start up my own stand-alone forum to replace this space; such single-publisher forums tend to be dull and quiet places where maintenance is more trouble than it's worth. Instead, I recommend and welcome email correspondence from anybody with questions or comments on my projects. The Forge, Story Games and other hobby forums still exist, so general discussion may continue in these public media as well. While I've been quiet in the Internet lately, working on new projects, I'm likely to keep friends and interested audience informed on any important new developments via the company website (, my blog ( and the forums I visit.