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Title: [Solar System] Agora - A home-brew Space Opera setting
Post by: JMendes on February 04, 2012, 07:42:48 PM
Hey, fellas, :)

(Cross-posted from Story Games (

It's been a long (looooong) time since I've posted here, and even when I was active, I was never all that well-known, but maybe some of you might vaguely remember my name from way back when... :)

In any case, over the final months of 2011, my group developed and play-tested a full Space Opera setting for Solar System.

Normally, we would release it under a Creative Commons license of some sort, but one of the developers passed away ( over New Year's Eve, and so we're going a different route. To that end, I'm sort of looking around to see if I can find some peoples willing to do some pro-bono illustration work.

Here's a link to my blog post ( about Agora. If you think you might like to contribute something, speak up here and drop me a line at:

joao dot mendes at premium dash minds dot com
joao dot mendes at archon dash se dot com

We can't afford to pay for the artwork, though, as this will be a strictly charitable endeavor. Thus, the rules: whoever submits artwork for this will retain any and all copyrights to the art. In doesn't even have to be new stuff. If you've used it before in other projects, as long as it's still yours, we welcome it. All we require is the license to use it in this particular work, in whatever page and layout we choose, though recommendations are naturally welcome.

Also, anyone who submits credible* artwork immediately gets a full copy of the text as is (i.e. sans art), and if the artwork is actually used**, they get a free copy of the final PDF. It's only fair. :)


(*) "Credible" doesn't mean it's your bestest work ever. It just means it wasn't drawn by your eight-year-old niece and it wasn't drawn on a paper napkin while you were waiting for the subway, and stuff like that. It's seriously not going to be a problem, as long as people are reasonable, and in a place like this, I have full faith and confidence in that. :)

(**) Chances are it will get used, but whether it actually is depends on how much artwork we end up getting. Right now, the document stands at just over 30 A4 pages in Times New Roman 11. (That's somewhat similar to 8.5x11, for you yankees out there that are unaware of proper European paper sizes...;> ) We're aiming to produce a 48-page booklet, or maybe a 64-pager in A5 with a slightly smaller typeface. (That's very close to the page size used in the Apocalypse World book.) I have no idea whether we'll be able to pull that off within a reasonable time frame.

Title: Re: [Solar System] Agora - A home-brew Space Opera setting
Post by: JMendes on May 10, 2012, 02:50:21 AM
Hey, :)

Since the site is winding down, I thought I might throw one last desperate bump up on this call for artists of mine. I know it's perhaps not the snazziest of projects, but hey, could still be fun, yes? :)