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Title: The Infamous Five
Post by: Moreno R. on May 27, 2012, 06:17:27 PM
This post is easy. Ron already did the work of listing all the links (, in 2004...

...and then left that list in the Forge Archive without copying it in this subsection.

So, this is a simple copy-and-paste of the list he did wrote at the time. The link above points to the original list.


A while ago, I initiated a series of threads which came to be known as the Infamous Five. Each one spawned numerous daughter threads. Although each had a distinct topic addressed to its specific forum, their sequence was designed to constitute a larger argument as well. Those of us who participated in these threads enjoy a certain relationship and shared goal, here at the Forge, which is hard to explain - it's about knowing why we're here and considering what the Forge is relative to the rest of the hobby.

Why post them now? Because often I find myself referring people to one or another piece of this immense web of posts, and it's usually because I think the insights are central to participating here, for that person. So I'm putting them up as a big set of unified links. Are anyone required to read them? No, but I think a lot of people might like reading them, or might like to see what context a lot of smaller points are being made within.

For each forum, the list below leads off with the one that started the process, after the forum title.

#1: PUBLISHING: Mainstream: a revision (
Production value (
Promotion (
Active vs. passive entertainment (
The Store (
What would make a non-role-player buy your game? (
The game that would sell to non-role-players (
The importance of play (
Accessible? To whom? (

#2: ACTUAL PLAY: Actual play in the stores (
Mainstream media (

#3: RPG THEORY: Social Context (
Gay culture / Gamer culture (
Self-image (
Christian gamers and self-esteem (
What does role-playing gaming accomplish? (
Sexism and gaming (

#4: GNS MODEL DISCUSSION: Vanilla and Pervy (
Pervy in my head (
Combat systems (
Cannot stand cutsiepoo terms (
Pervy Sim, points of contact, accessibility (

#5: SITE DISCUSSION: The Forge as a community (
The five percent (
The Forge and cultural bias (
Off-the-cuff Forge cultural analysis (
Relationships at the Forge (

Best, Ron