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Started by Nathaniel, January 09, 2008, 11:25:29 AM

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I don't want them to repent
I'm the new Anointed High Prophet and Ancient (even if the others [or even I?] don't know it yet)
Things are true because I believe in them
I believe in things because they are true
I leave a trail of broken hearts
I'm pregnant
It's us versus them
I dream dreams and see visions
Whatever curses I speak come true
I only hit her because I love her
I spent lots of time gossiping at the quilting circle
That mountain person didn't poison our well
I cen't ever forgive Ma

I'm not designing a game.  Play is the thing for me.

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I won't use a weapon on a human.
Violence is never the solution.
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Sh!t happens (I love that one)
Avoids fights
In CDR's zombies game - Runs like a girl (for a hysterical girly-girl, good for chase scenes and good for the type of PC everyone wants to see dead!)
- Wilson


Quote from: Arvidos on November 18, 2007, 08:52:53 AM
Quote from: Chris Crouch on November 16, 2007, 12:13:17 AMPeople are stronger than you'd think

Wow, I'd love to hear how this turned out in play.
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I know this is a bit behind the times, but I've been browsing the forum before running DitV tomorrow, just to get my head in the right game, and I came across this. That was my character - that trait and the others with it (from "That shooter don't scare me" down to that one.)

It was the trait Brother Elwood gained from his accomplishment conflict. Brother Elwood wanted to gain his mother's blessing for his leaving to become a Dog. See, Brother Elwood's father had died a number of years before - violently, though, we didn't state the specifics of the matter. (There were a bunch of subtle clues written into Elwood.) He had been taken away to the Dogs' Temple as much because leaving him in the toxic environment of his original home would destroy his potential as for any other reason, and the Dog who took him figured Elwood would either make a good Dog, or do nobody any good anywhere. But his mother was afraid of losing him forever, and wanted him to refuse to take up his coat and leave on his first journey. It was a point of contention between them, despite the honour associated with being a Dog.

Elwood visited his mother before leaving, because he didn't want to leave with the issue hanging between them. They argued- "How can you leave your sister like that?" "She's better on the farm than I ever was." "You father would turn in his grave." "He'd be happy for me, the way everyone else is. Don't you understand how much this means to me?" "If you loved us, you'd stay." "You know I love you, and I'll be back when I can." (Not verbatim, I don't remember the specifics. You get the idea though.)

And then suddenly, she gave. "Yeah, you're right boy. I know you've gotta do this. Give me your promise that you'll be back." "Sure, Momma. I swear it." "I love you, Elwood. Now go on, you've gotta ride." And I was flabbergasted. I hadn't realised that I had been pulling ahead in the conflict, and her sudden turnaround shocked me.

So when Chris asked me what my new trait was, I said, "People are stronger than you'd think." Because Elwood's mother hadn't been beaten, she had just shown how strong she really was, and it surprised Brother Elwood. His hoped-for accomplishment was to leave on good terms, but he actually grew in another direction.

During the game, I think the trait only got used once... I think it was during an exorcism, when I called on the possessed person to throw out the demon. (Frickin' demon damn near killed poor Elwood. He's a Dog with 1d6 body now.)

I'd love to get a chance to play Elwood again. That was a cool game.


A couple of traits off the top of my head (with no real setting at heart)

"I do bad things because they must be done"
"I feel like a lion born to fight in the field, but kept behind bars at the zoo like a relic."
"A horse a horse, my kingdom for a horse"
"I am a leaf on the wind"
"I'll save one bullet for myself"
"When the tough gets going i tend to follow"
"Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the gun"
"The more kicks to the face, The more answers i get."