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[DitV] Archons in Elysium

Started by gorckat, March 18, 2008, 07:13:34 PM

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An idea I've been rolling around in my head for awhile, since I know my wife isn't keen on Old Western type game, is a Dogs game set in old World of Darkness. It hit me that Archons make perfect Dogs, as was suggested in the 2005 attempt at a Vampire themed setting (here and here)

I've broken a little from that in my own write-up/summary of how it would work, and would like anyone so inclined to point out any flaws or better ideas:

Archons in Elysium

   A game following Archons across the world, upholding the Traditions and enforcing the will of the Justicars.

Something's Wrong Progression

Pride (injustice)
Strife (backstabbing, interference with another's resources)
False Tradition (some Kindred do not obey Prince, Primogen and other powers in city)
False  Prince (Sabbat attacks and infiltrations, Hunters, Investigators, etc)
Frenzy, Beast and Diablerie (elders slain by childer, masquerade violated, Sabbat takes    over)

   -causes the use of status and power to favor or disadvantage others
   -is coveting the status and power of another to have control over others
   -is to falsely profess loyalties they are expected to hold
   -causes people to turn to the Sabbat for power or freedom

   -is when Kindred take action against other Kindred and their resources
   -is a violation of Tradition
   -neglect of one's duties (as Sire, appointed official, Prince, etc.)
   -causes people to try to use the Sabbat for the own ends

False Tradition:
   -is holding power over another without the right to do so
   -causes factions to split away from proper authority (ignoring a Harpy, hiding          someone from the Sherriff, building power against the Prince)
   -ignoring or creating laws in violation of Tradtion
   -causes people to make deals with the Sabbat

False Prince:
   -open rebellion against Prince, Primogen and other authorities in the city
   -the Sabbat have openly invaded
   -Hunters and Investigators are drawn to the conflict

Frenzy, Beast and Diablerie
   -Kindred kill one another
   -Masquerade is broken
   -Sabbat have overthrown the city


   Stewardship is the responsibility to uphold the Traditions in your night to night undeath. You are responsible for yourself and for those beneath you. You answer to those above you.
   Broods and Individuals } Princes } Justicars } Inner Circle

   Childer } Sire

   Officials (Harpy, Keeper of Elysium, Sherriff, Scourge) } Primogen } Prince

   Servires } Archons } Praetors } Justicars

Social Roles

   Each Kindred is expected to maintain their role in society. With time will come added privilege and responsibility.


Masquerade: Hide the existence of vampires.
Domain: A kindred's hunting ground is his own territory, and he rules it absolutely.
Progeny: Sire only with permission of one's elders.
Accounting: Until childer are released, their actions are the responsibility of their sire.
Hospitality: Honor the domains of others, and present oneself to the ruler of any    domain you visit.
Destruction: The right to kill Kindred is reserved for the Elder of a community. Only an    Elder may call a Blood Hunt.

Conflict and Escalation

   Physical, not fighting
   Claws, fangs and fire (all things aggravated damage)

Some things are a little vague because my I understand in play how they work in my games (Social Roles, for one), so any fleshing out there is useful. Some things I couldn't find the right vocabulary for (False Prince), so suggestions there are useful too.

Conflict and Escalation could also probably use a little more fullness. Some Disciplines can be used to advantage in all arenas, not just killing people. They'd probably be best used as Traits with dice scores, and the top end of the scale simply Aggravated Damage.
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