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Holy Dogs!

Started by Dionysus, December 10, 2008, 12:41:02 PM

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Well, on reading through the rules some more, I noticed the sorcerors get to have a relationship with "demons".

If i were to push the game into more "supernatural" themes, what kind of effect would it be to have a Dog with a "holy" relationship - getting a couple of d10 to use? (with associated narrative light from above etc?) Or even having demonic dogs?


(yes, I'm working on using the dogs mechanics in a more fantasy setting)


I did a fantasy-like setting for dogs in the past, you might even find an AP thread somewhere around.

Thinks to note: Escalation breaks by not having guns; we replaced them with swords, but they are less immediate in turning someone, even a random kid, into a possessed killer.

Dogs' Belief has mechanical effect through rituals, I don't know if they'd need more.

Dogs can have relationships with demons and by extension be sorcerers. It has been mentioned in various AP threads.


If a Dog can call upon the Heavens for extra d10s, there just isn't that much temptation to call upon the demons anymore.


For Dogs in the Vineyard proper, the Dogs have increased fallout through ceremony only; the possessed have increased & decreased fallout and extra dice; and sorcerers have possession plus demonic influence dice. They aren't symmetrical, but that works very well for Dogs in the Vineyard proper.

For adaptations, sure, create symmetrical abilities for the PCs. That's a good place to start. Let us know what you come up with!

(Here's a tidbit of Dogs esoterica for you, apropos not much. In initiations, the GM rolls 4d6+4d10, right? That's because the Dogs' Temple at Bridal Falls has the opposite of sorcery, but lacks the opposite of hate & murder.)



so, the temple is not a source of love and life?


You know how the murder in hate & murder isn't the same as the mere sin of murder? Same thing. Plain old everyday love creates plain old everyday life, like a murder of passion allows the demons to attack a town. 2d6+2d10 is all that gives you.

Like the book says about hate & murder, 5d6+5d10 love and life would be inexplicable, baroque, weirdly ceremonial, full of occult significance. A virgin birth, for instance; maybe Lazarus' return to life would count. That kind of thing doesn't, by default, happen in the Dogs' Temple.

But this is all just an elaborate theological private joke! I don't really need to take up anybody's time with it.


David Artman

Like the Dogs NEED any more dice. I find the opposite to be true most often: a couple of Dogs dominate 99% of conflicts, even with demonic influence dice. S'why I try to get them separated right off the bat, then throw a mob (helping dice) behind the False Worshiper(s).

The Dogs might--just MIGHT--have to Give some, from time to time. Give them Holy dice and you might as well not even roll--wins are guaranteed.
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