[Mechaton] New Lego Microfigs

Started by Mantisking, February 14, 2009, 08:11:06 PM

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Lego is supposed to be releasing some boardgames in the near future.  One of the parts for the game is something that looks like a microfig.  Take a look at a couple of articles about them, here and here.

Now does anyone else think that those microfigs would make good "people" for Mechaton?


Awesome!  They look to be six plates high.  The micro figs in my games are: Soldiers-5-plates, and Civilians-4-plates.

These will make great "Hero" or "officer" figs.




We've been playing with 7- or 8-plate tall microfigs, and I've come to really prefer them that big. Round plate 1x1 for the head, brick 1x1 for the torso, round brick 1x1 for the legs; or else round brick 1x1 for the torso and cone 1x1 for the legs. Sometimes we give them belts and/or hats.

You can even use a headlight brick, a 1x1 technic brick, or a brick with studs on 2 sides for the torso, with a couple of horizontal clip plates for arms. We do that for soldiers: civilians get no arms, soldiers get arms.



More pictures of the new microfigs over on the Brothers Brick.


The new microfigs look like shrunken versions of the old minifig bodies.  Each section looks to be about two plates tall, and the head looks like a 1x1 fat round brick.

Oh, did I forget to mention at least one game is designed by Reiner Knizia?  :-)