[Virtual Play] Episode 40: Do We Really Know GNS When We See It?

Started by Bill_White, June 26, 2009, 04:20:38 AM

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While my brother Mel is stationed overseas, I'm filling in for him on his actual play podcast Virtual Play. The episode I just posted is called "Do We Really Know GNS When We See It?" I use some excerpts of actual play, mainly from Camp Nerdly 3, to think about the extent to which "Ephemera" point to Creative Agenda. It will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the Big Model that ambiguity persists when you try to induce CA from instances of play, but it's instructive as an exercise and raises some interesting questions. Ultimately, I wind up suggesting that maybe we should take the search for alternatives to CAs as currently defined more seriously, but I'll admit that argument is underdeveloped. Still, I think it's a fun episode and I hope you'll listen and tell me what you think.

Ron Edwards

Bill, can you turn this into a Forge thread? By which I mean, can you describe some actual play here (preferably not mirroring the podcast content) which illustrates your point, or raises the issue you address in the podcast?

Best, Ron