[Sorcerer] Any groups/players in London?

Started by Neon White, July 26, 2009, 09:11:19 PM

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Neon White

Hi all,

Are there any groups playing Sorcerer actively in London at the moment who could use another player?  Alternatively, are there any players about who would be interested in forming a group? 

If so, drop me a line at neonwhite@gmail.com or reply here.

(I'm not sure whether this is the correct place to post this, however I'm sure Ron will exercise his admin rights if needed ;-) )


Ron Edwards

This forum is totally OK for this purpose, at least at the light level of use I anticipate.

But holy crow, that's definitely another necessary function of the now-in-design website, isn't it.

Best, Ron

Neon White

Looks like London is a quiet town as far as Sorcerer is concerned at the moment...

Ron, the same thought had occured to me in relation to the new website.

Is there anything we collectively can do to help towards the website?  Proof reading, collating old threads for FAQs, submission of ideas?


Ron Edwards

You can probably get your own game started if you know a few role-players. I wouldn't have believed it when I put the first version on-line in 1996, but nascent Sorcerer enthusiasts are surprisingly common. The issue is that they're usually embedded in groups/play which aren't wholly satisfying to them, or at least not in this particular way, and usually one or at most two per group.

Regarding the website, I'm of two minds. First, I do enjoy and use input like this. But second, frankly, when it comes to certain activities of which website design is one, people tend to get big-eyed and entitled. "I know! You can make animations of every demon Type for ten different genres!" and that kind of thing. I'm currently trying to get a chassis designed which can handle extensive growth and further programming, and so excitement about some highly specialized feature won't be all that helpful.

So ... well, tell you what. Email me if you'd like with any ideas, but let's not make it a free-for-all here at the forum.

Best, Ron

Per Fischer


Shame you're not further north - we are at least a (small) handful of Sorcerer players in Edinburgh. I've also played quite a bit online (chat/voicechat or forum)

I haven't used it much myself, but perhaps you can find some people via the Nerd:London forums: http://www.nerdldn.com

You might also consider a shout on Storygames - there are London people there, but not sure how interested they are in Sorcerer: http://www.story-games.com/forums/

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Hi Adam,
Where in London are you? I'm down in South London (Forest Hill) and while I've never played Sorcerer, it has been one of those I really want to get to play. That's the good news, the bad news is that I'm fairly swamped at the minute, both work and play-wise. But, we are out there!

Neon White

Salar, I am in Maida Vale, so pretty much on the other side of London from you.  I'm always pretty busy with work too, so the idea would be to get a game going either with a limited duration (e.g. 4 sessions over two or three months), or else agree a pretty relaxed meeting schedule.  Let me know if you'd like to talk more about giving it a go.  I have another friend who I'm pretty sure would be interested in giving it a shot too.

Per, thanks for the links. I'll check them out.  If you're interested, I have been running a sorcerer playtest with a few friends via play by forum.  We have pretty much ironed out our understanding of the conflict mechanics (via much reference to back posts on the Forge and a few helpful responses from Ron). 

I'm now at the stage of having a relationship map that is workable for an initial story.  One player has a well developed character and kicker.  The second is taking a lot of time to put his character together.  And the third player has dropped out.

As such there is room for another if you or anyone else around is interested.

See here:


The Magus

Adam - I'm part of a group of three that has started playing Sorcerer regularly.  We could do a one-off session as a toe-dipper (although I speak for myself and not the group).  We have two settings, one a Victoriana setting where the Britsh Empire lives on through its' use of aetheric occult technologies and the other a 1920s Deep South setting on a fictional island off the Louisiana coast. We've found these work far better than modern settings - I digress.  PM me if you're interested.

John - rather bizarrely I live in Forest Hill too.  If you'd like to try out some Sorcerer then get in touch.

Perhaps a social meet might be in order just to suss each other out.  I tend to dislike rules lawyers and Nazi sympathisers but am reasonably tolerant otherwise.

Neon White

Thanks Magus, I've sent you a PM. 

Let me know if you haven't received it.  The message here seem a bit odd.  Every since I joined as a member I have had two 'new' messages which I am unable to see in my inbox.

- adam

The Magus

Hi Adam

I'm not being rude in not replying to your PM.  The system, as you say, does not seem to be working.  I've e-mailed you.


Neil the Wimp


If you're still looking for a game, I know that a few people from the Milton Keynes RPG club regularly game in London.  I could shout out at the club to gauge interest, if you'd like.  We also get quite a few indie-interested gamers at Concrete Cow, including some from London.

Milton Keynes RPG Club: http://www.mk-rpg.org.uk .  Tuesday evenings.  Come join us!
Concrete Cow 12 a one-day con, 10 March 2012, Milton Keynes, UK.

Neon White

Thanks Neil.

I've managed to connect with a few others already now, however thanks for the offer. 

I'll check out the links anyway - always good to now more about the local gaming scene!


GB Steve

We're indie gamers in South London too. I still haven't played Sorcerer except in a tiny demo with Ron so I'm keen to give it a better go. And we probably need another player for our weekday group if any of you is interested. We're on the  Northern Line.