How to make sessions/scenes stop dragging?

Started by Dionysus, January 11, 2010, 11:45:47 AM

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I have one way to stop a scene dragging; find a way to add something you enjoy!

What is it you like about events progressing? Is there stuff they are doing that could be happily spread over multiple scenes? (So you change the scenery more often but they still get to plot, more like planning scenes in ocean's eleven or something) Can you add more of the dynamics you are interested in while still staying in the same scene? (I think shifting to the correct rules will probably help with that, along the lines of what people have suggested) Also, is it possible to "shift modes", so that when they are into slow plotting or planning you have npcs or environment descriptions that are still interesting to you, just different from the kind of fun you have when things speed up?

I often find as a player that in games like shadowrun for example; often split into legwork and the run itself, I have two very different kinds of fun from making a plan and then having it fall apart, if the GM can have similarly differentiated fun in the two sections (sometimes based on hiding flaws in the plan and other anticipative "meanness" in the slow section, or just adding amusing npcs or references) then no-one is tapping their feat waiting for the next bit, everyone has something they like.

You may be able to find a place for compromise that has not yet been considered.