Horror in Sorcerer: Does it happen, is it different?

Started by Jaakko Koivula, June 23, 2010, 08:10:02 AM

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Jaakko Koivula

Ron: Exceptionally interesting, thank you. Summed up, I think that Sorcerer seems to be at the "intellectually disturbing and existential angst inducing horror" end of the horror/terror -spectrum. Actual play naturally then might crop up moments of actual panic etc. but the system is more aimed at pushing people out of their comfort zones, than scaring them silly. Sorcerer played correctly might be described as an existential moral horror game, maybe? It needs and is supposed to cause that which you've talked about as a shudder.

So a very different than a game where the GM is out to scare the players by shouting BOO and describing tentacles, but harrowing still. This rather answers my original question in this thread.

Kevin's question really is interesting, but yeah, easily large enough for a thread of it's own. I actually think that there's atleast tons of games that aim for positive emotions. Paranoia for example comes to mind. But Im not sure if raising emotions can be done with just bare rulesets. How much colour do you need to add, so that a system can start eliciting emotions? Or do you? Those sound like really interesting questions, yeah.

Kevin, do you want to start the thread about this in Actual Play?



In defense of Cthulhu: I respectfully disagree.  Of all the times I've played it, I'd say 90% of the time the players were scared.  It all depends on the atmosphere (created by the Keeper & often the players), player cooperation (every horror RPG needs at least 75% player cooperation) & scenario played.



Ron, I just wanted to mention that I really liked your HORROR AND TERROR analysis of the genre. It's clear that you've put a lot of thought into this and, as always, you get me to think when I read your stuff. I haven't seen all of the games you mentioned, so I may have to track them down just to experience them.
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2 cents:  Great horror/terror/gore stuff in "These Nightmares of Mine" by Ken Hite.  It's an out of print now, so maybe a bit difficult to track down, but you never know!