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Started by lumpley, June 30, 2010, 09:09:30 AM

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The archives include every Forge post from minute 1 through the crash of May 30, 2010. They're at

This, the live forum, begins with the first post of Jan 1, 2008.


Moreno R.

Question: this section's header say: "The Forge archives are now off-forum. Need to find something in them? Found something great? Post about it here. "

How does this work? We should post in this thread? In this subforum? A thread for each person? A thread for each topic?

I mean, shouldn't be there some guidelines about this, to make this section work as a sort of "index" with a logic behind?

For example, I searched today for some link to post in another thread about the difference between Illusionism and Partecipationism, and concepts of Force and The Black Curtain. I did found these links:
llusionism: a new look and a new approach
Is this Forcing?
[NWOD][VtR] New Game - New Possibilities - New Questions!
Bangs&Illusionism - in which Ron beats down Confusion

This is not by far a complete list of the threads about these topics, but this is to be expected: most of the time these lists would be created for the benefit of a specific new discussion, without reading all the old threads. To be useful, this list when posted here should be easy to find, easy to read, commented and it should be possible to add links afterwards to complete the list. 

This means using a specific format for the thread subject, and having rules or at least guidelines about who can comment or add links, and how. 
For example, the guidelines could be that anyone can add links that share the same topic, with a comment, or comment other people's link, but if they want to discuss it they should create a new topic in another section (Actual Play for example) and link that discussion here. Something like that.

I am asking because I think this could be a very, very useful section, for people who arrive today at the Forge and could be intimidated by almost 30.000 old threads, but without guidelines nobody know how to add to it and it remains empty.

(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)

Larry L.

Special thanks to Moreno for doing these over the last couple years! His summaries jibe with how I remember everything going down.