[BtW store] four games for $2 each!

Started by Marshall Burns, July 17, 2010, 04:34:53 PM

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Marshall Burns

I'm currently in some dire straights financially right now, but I'm not one to just ask for money, so I'm sellin' some games! I've put together a store webpage where you'll find four quick-and-dirty games being sold in PDF format for $2 each. These games are:

Knuckleheads!:  a slapstick RPG in the Three Stooges/Laurel & Hardy vein
Construction & Conquest: a customized wargame using LEGO
Crow's Hoard: a card game similar to Hearts, but a lot crazier, and
Caffeine & Nicotine Live Action Roleplay: an experimental RPG inspired by the film Coffee & Cigarettes

Please, if you like Super Action Now! or The Rustbelt or MADcorp and you want me to be able to keep designing, buy these games, and talk your friends into buying them. They're cheap and short. I've played them all and they're all fun.

(I don't understand automated PDF stuff, so I'm just gonna email the things out to the people who buy 'em. I only get to go online a couple of hours every day, so bear with me if you don't get 'em right away.)

Marshall Burns

To answer some questions I've been getting asked:
Yes, Knuckleheads!, Crow's Hoard, and Caffeine & Nicotine have been posted on my blog and/or Story Games and/or the Forge in some form in the past where you can still see them. And, yes, since then they've seen playtesting and have been revised to make them better. Plus, these PDFs are prettier than forum posts. Especially Knuckleheads!, its layout is very charming.