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Started by R00kie, September 20, 2010, 06:55:01 PM

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Moments after submitting my game for this year I had a great idea for an entirely different take on the ingredients. The first game was fun to write so I'm seriously considering working on a second.

I don't plan to try and write this one in a week though - it was way to stressful. Here's my second idea:

  • Its a story about a City on the Edge of reality
  • The laws of physics change beyond the edge. Magic functions and creatures of pure spirit survive.
  • Creatures of pure spirit cannot pass back from beyond the edge because without a body or magic to sustain them they would die.
  • Mercenaries and Delvers decend into the Dungeons beyond the edge to kill creatures and take their stuff.
  • Sometimes what comes back isnt a Delver but is a Fetch, Doppelgängeror Vardøger - creatures of pure spirit that have taken the skin of a delver and now inhabit it.
  • The players play the role of Inquisitors - men and womens whos job is to psychologically test those who return from beyond the edge to ensure they're not sociopathic creatures of pure chaos.
  • Those who fail the test are sumarily put to death for the safety of the city inhabitants.
  • Only the truly desperate go Delving because the Inquisitors seem to feel most who return are probably sociopathic creatures of pure chaos.

In fact with a little work I think this could make a cool con game. I'm not sure about its long term appeal though.

Vulpinoid that you mentioned that concept, it would have been a great time to refine an old game of mine that I ran at a series of conventions in the mid 1990s....something that I've been holding back on for the last ten years or so, waiting for the right moment.

A city on the edge of reality is exactly the concept of that game.

Oh, well. I guess I can work on it later.
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