Edge of Annihilation - The Last City

Started by Shinobicow, September 20, 2010, 03:37:00 PM

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Woot! My game is complete. I have been going at it non-stop since I started this project like last Wednesday. It is done as of now and submitted, but I will make changes and update it since I am very happy with the final product of the game. I also want to make it a much prettier document, but at this point, the game is complete...

Here she is
Edge of Annihilation: The Last City
Link - http://www.mediafire.com/?54crleed5fltcb8
Overview -
You are a group of the last survivors after a massive apocalyptic event. The world has been fried by a massive nuclear war and the entire planet has been turned into a giant desert. In this struggle for survival, your small group of refugees must attempt to rebuild civilization from scratch. You have one incredibly important and powerful advantage... water. Although the vast majority of the world's fresh water has been blighted by nuclear destruction, your group of refugees has happened to find a water source that continues to offer fresh water up from the earth – this location must become your new home – a new city must be built here.

The game is a cross between Fallout, Gammaworld, and Settlers of Catan and Risk. I hope people get into it. It is definitely brutally difficult and totally random, but hopefully it is fun.