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Updated Sorcerer

Started by Troy_Costisick, March 09, 2011, 02:32:28 AM

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Heya Ron,

I know you're neck deep in Ronny games right now, but I was wondering, are you still thinking about doing an updated Sorcerer like the one you menationed in this thread a while back?



Ron Edwards

Hi Troy,

Yes, I am. It's one of those things which is easy to do but gets back-burnered too often, so I'm not as far along as I wanted to be by now. But I do think I can manage to get something together in time for GenCon.

Best, Ron

Joel P. Shempert

I missed that thread last July, but this is hugely exciting news to me! Eagerly awaiting.

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That would be awesome! I've got my money already in hand! :-)

Seriously, I think that a revised and updated Sorcerer RPG would be a great thing. I know that you don't like to rerun over the same turf, Ron, but I like to think that your vision of the game has evolved and grown at least a little bit over the past decade and it will be nice to see this!
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I'm definitely keeping an eye out for it. As much as I love the original, I'm very curious to see what an updated version would look like. :-)
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I have my chequebook in hand, Ron...

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John S

Hope I'm not splitting hairs, but my impression from the announcement thread was that there was no plan to revise the text. I'd buy it just for the annotations though!

Joel P. Shempert

Yeah, I feel that annotations would serve the exact same purpose as "revising": that is, clarifying best practices for playing and running the game. Which makes it more than just a cosmetic update, and makes me excited!

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