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Author Topic: I seem to have designed a waiting game...  (Read 4402 times)
Callan S.

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« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2011, 03:03:32 AM »

I would love to believe in this. But I just can't.
I dunno, I think musicians do this all the time. They sit down to riff off each other and they don't try and play as loud as possible to drown out any other guy there becuz that's winning.
And only one player can accomplish it.
But if you told some musicians only one musicians instrument will be heard in the end...ewww, I don't even want to think what that might do to a bunch of musicians.

Anyway, just looking at it with a kind of win condition rather than going on about the above - why do you have it that you wait for someone to enter negotiation? Is there something special about that? Just asking because there may be something special about it...but there might be things about it that aren't special too, that could be dropped. And from the sounds of it, something needs to be dropped to get around your problem. Just a matter of ensuring we keep the special bits, if any.

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