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Author Topic: Aventuras Epicas, a card game to make stories... to train RPG players.  (Read 1900 times)
Warrior Monk

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« on: May 16, 2011, 09:11:46 AM »

Ok, alpha version of the game is finished, here are the rules and list of cards:


This is a card based game to make stories. It's been designed with this in mind:

-Training players to become GMs
-Start a game with barely 10 minutes of preparation
-Narrative escalation to push foward the story
-Minimalistic resolution mechanics

Playtest is succesfull so far, though I'm still worried some mechanics may still look a bit complicate to understand at first. I introduced some game examples to clarify, though I'm still wondering if there's a way to make rules more simple or reduce the amount of rules and game elements to make it still simpler.

As players my group find it fun, it's perhaps the first time they have played a game that allows this degree of narrative control, but does so by presenting them the challenge to make sense out of whatever the cards say it's happening. And when something they don't like happens to their characters, they are handed the cards that may help them get a sort of revenge on other players characters.

As a result of this clash, story takes unexpected turns instead of stalling and predicting how it's going to end becomes impossible, though the ending somehow still makes sense. The rule that states that no player character can die or be left out of the game in other way until the conclussion stage doesn't seem to suspend believing since it doesn't mean the PCs can't die, but that they perhaps will... in due time.

Anyway, so far it's free, possibly you can find something interesting on this rules or something I shouldn't deffinitely be doing with them. If you dare playtest this game, you just have to make a deck of cards with the words/phrases listed on the ruleset and you're ready to go, but please tell me how it went and if you've got any comments about it. We are already playtesting, so if you've got any idea or doubt about this game that you want us to test, please let us know.
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