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Author Topic: [HeroQuest 2] New GM Advice...  (Read 16347 times)
Erik Weissengruber

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Designing "In this Sign, Conquer:

« Reply #15 on: December 17, 2011, 10:52:27 PM »

Laws' Dramatic Rhythm method of setting resistances has been addressed over here:

But what hasn't been addressed is his Conflict-Type Selection method.  You know, the decision tree he has for deciding if it will be a simple, extended, etc. contest.

The game is very heavy on auteur GM decisions.

Why not enable more player participation by having a player select what contest type will be engaged? (I have never tried this but I like how it works in TSoY and I enjoy the variety of conflict types in Burning Empires.  Note: TSoY has extended conflicts where the character may die or dish out death.  The conflict types in Heroquest are more about deciding which aspects of the heavily-GM'd narrative will be fleshed out in detail.  A point of concern in this area will be the choice of extended or climactic consequences.)
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