[4E] The Adventures of Alice Alucard

Started by Kevin Vito, October 22, 2011, 11:14:55 PM

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Kevin Vito

So I'm playing in a really fun 4E game right now. Sadly, I was unable to attend the last session to do health problems. I'm hoping that Wade (the minotaur fighter of the group) will write a synopsis like he did for the previous sessions.

Quote from:  Wade's synopsis of the first session
The Minotaur Fighter, Thurrkos; The Vampire Lolita Sorceress Bard,
Alice Alucard, The Human Warlord Lacan, and the psion conduit Amata
all met and interacted with the tournament thrown by the nobles.

The fighter and the warlord engaged in a melee combat tournament,
with the Warlord winning in the preliminary against the Fighter and
defeating a Masterful Gnome known for hamstringing many in the finals.

The Fighter then continued on to successfully win an Athletics
competition, running downhill while being fired upon by archers,
climbing a tree, claiming his prize and then making it back up the
hill while still being fired upon.

Amata competed in a grand non-physical combat, in which all weapons
were banned. Amata destroyed her opponent with his Psionic abilities,
causing his opponents head to burst like a ripe grape.

Alice then engaged in a musical contest, in which her and her opponent
would play a short selection, and the bard who gained the largest
amount of applause would get a free shot on their opponent. After a
long engagement, and a masterful display on her part, she defeated her
oppenent when one of her jeers caused a teacup to fly out of the
audience to render the other bard unconscious.

After claiming our rewards and having a night of merriment, The
adventurers were approached by some of the Nobles of the camp and the
village, who proposed a journey of sorts. The adventurers were to head
west along the sea and map the route to the nearest city, in exchange
for payment. The payment amount would be double if the trip was
concluded in a shorter amount of time.

The nobles also warned of a group of well equipped criminals and
bandits known as the Mud and Blood adventuring league. They informed
us of a hefty bounty on any head of a known Mud and Blood member.

Upon departing, we were quickly met by a Member of the Mud and Bloods,
Named Sparktett. Seeming very well equipped , and backed up by the
leader of the Mud and Bloods perched high upon a black dragon, the
Adventurers chose not to assault Sparktett and instead assist him in
clearing out a large band of Orcs that were plaguing the area.

The band of Orcs consisted on a Male and Female couple of Warleaders,
one a strong Rogue and the female a skilled spellcaster. They were
backed up by a mage, two archers, and a group of melee fighters. After
an intense battle in which most of the adventurers were bloodied, the
Orcs were defeated and slain.

I was playing as the vyrloka sorceress/bard, Alice Alucard. She's a gothic lolita princess of a noble vampire family who ran away from home to become a rock star. I based her rather loosely on a character from the Blazblue games.

She's a pretty fun character to play. She's not exactly optimized though. Her selection of spells is kind of all over the place, but I had fun filling in descriptive details for each one. Most of them were described as wind based powers (I had a lot of stuff that involved moving people around) but there were a few weird ones that I had a lot of fun with.

Energy Strobe This spell causes an audience member or a cute woodland animal to appear and throw a random object.
1. Snowball (cold damage)
2. Jack-O-Lantern (fire damage)
3. Kitchen Sink (force damage)
4. Anachronistic Radio (lightning damage)
5. Tea Pot (radiant damage)
6. Toy Piano (thunder damage)

Vicious Mockery "Orc cave? MO' LIKE DORK CAVE! AMIRITE?"

Unicorn's Charge I think it was Amata who suggested that this spell should summon a character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to carry allies into battle. Thurrkos got the most use out of this spell.

Sun's Illumination The other players were a little taken aback when they found out that my vampiric character had a spell that created sunlight. Alice throws an acorn, and wherever it lands a Victorian street lamp sprouts up from the ground like a sapling. It illuminates the surrounding area and causes enemies to grant combat advantage. The streetlamp can retract into the ground and pop up in another area whenever I need it to move.

Alice also has a Staff of Wind reskinned as a magical parasol. Also, her familiar is a toad that knows how to play drums and drive a carriage, and people gain hit points whenever they lick the toad's back. Alice is kind of a weird Mary Sue character, but the other party member's seemed to appreciate her support effects. With the Virtue of Valor feature, she causes allies to gain temporary hit points whenever they kill or bloody enemies. I've basically turned the whole party into a coven of vampires. Now they all wear hair ribbons!

I just hope I can make it to the next session. It's about a two-and-a-half hour trip to get to this game, and I get sick pretty frequently. I feel really bad about missing that last session.

Callan S.


I don't know if this is on topic, but given the invocations of there being criminals, etc
QuoteAmata competed in a grand non-physical combat, in which all weapons
were banned. Amata destroyed her opponent with his Psionic abilities,
causing his opponents head to burst like a ripe grape.
Was the fiction that the other guy, the guy whos head burst like a ripe grape, gets ressurected latter? Or am I just assuming he died and it was more like a horrible pimple pop explosion and non lethal?

Kevin Vito

I believe the other guy did die.
Come to think of it, I don't think we ever really addressed the consequences of that... I think we were too busy laughing and making references to the movie Scanners to really think about it.