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Started by MrLax, April 09, 2012, 05:20:43 AM

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Finally came up with a idea for the game. The game is called "To Put Things Right", and the main idea of the game is: A time traveller (Doctor) is given his "Last Chance" "To Put Things Right", and he travels back in time to change what he witnessed. He meets his friends (Coyote, Lantern and Mimic) who are unaware of his travel in time.

I have been keeping a (mostly Game Chef) game design blog, and will continue on writing about my game there. But since the discussion on blogs can be quite hard to follow, I decided to move most of the conversation here.

Here is the first blogpost. I shall be updating this thread as I continue on the project.

Let's hope that I won't run out of steam this year, but I think that I have plenty of ideas already. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a game to design!


Oskar Mieczkowski


I haven't strictly defined the genre yet. It feels kinda pulpyish, but wouldn't say that it's strictly pulp.

We'll see where this goes :)


Really stoked for Larp stuff, and for some-players-know, some-don't kinda stuff too.
Good luck with it!
sure of ourselves, aren't we?


I got a bit stuck on the first idea, so I had to change the concept a bit. Since I wasn't content with the way the game handled secrecy (Problem: How to effectively prevent other players from gaining information when one player receives information, without disturbing the flow of the game), I scrapped the idea of having four different PCs and decided to go for a more storytelling kind of a game.

Now there is only one PC: the Doctor. The other players are pseudo-GMs (called Fates) who each have some of the Doctor's Memories from the Future, special scenes that the Doctor remembers occuring. These scenes are crucial for the "plot" and the Doctor is able to change the outcome of these scenes if he so wishes.

Here's another blog post about the design:

I currently have only one issue: I'd like to rename the characters without giving them actual names. I'd like to preserve their concept in a "nickname" fashion, but the ingredients themselves don't work for that purpose very well. Characters are:

Doctor: The main character, reliving the past to change the future.
Lantern: A girl who serves as the key to Doctor's desire to change the future. Lantern interpreted as in a "beacon of hope".
Coyote: Lantern's current boyfriend, a jealous antagonist, easily provoked. Coyote is kind of fitting to his personality.
Mimic: A friend who admires (mimics) the Doctor, and wants to become like him.

If someone has any suggestions for the names, I'd really like to hear them. At one point I called Lantern simply "Girl", but it feels like an understatement to the characters personality. Similiarly, Mimic was just called Friend, which makes it really uninteresting as well. What do you think?


Finished! You can find the download link in my blogpost.

I'd really like some comments if people are interested, since I feel like this game could have potential to be actually published.

Thanks for your support!