Heroes of Abstrata

Started by b.greco, April 04, 2012, 01:53:24 AM

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After three years of self development on this homebrew system I've been working on for years, I realized I'd like to make it into something more legit. However, I've hit a 'developers block' if you will. I need some people willing to take a peek at what I have so far and bounce some ideas back to me. My ultimate goal is to attempt to get this work published.

Everything I have made up so far is in this file

The monster manual is 10% done but has templates.
The players guide is 75% done
Everything else is in beginning stages.
Game mechanics run a lot like DnD 3.5 at this point.

If you are interested, I set up a small, rarely-updated site

My email is dvhollow@hotmail.com , if anyone wants to contact me that way. I really need some help on this.


Alternatively, you could tell me why I've gotten no replies.

Ron Edwards

The answer is simple. This is a site for discussion, not announcements. People are quite friendly and helpful here in discussions, but you must act as its leader, providing a topic and anything that you'd like feedback about. Random individualized responses are not what we do.

This post is intended to be helpful. We are genuinely on your side, by default. But in order for this thread really to be about you and your game, you must serve as the guide for what we're going to talk about.

Best, Ron


I see, I guess I should have specified or at least made it more clear (I tend to meander when speaking to a group the first time) that I am looking for a small dedicated group of people to help me develop. I've essentially hit a mental roadblock and this project has gotten out of hand for just myself alone. I'd at minimum give credit, at most split any profits (doubt I'll make anything, but fingers crossed). I need at least 3 people for discussion, monster creation and anything in between. So if you happen by this and think you could contribute, contact me as mentioned above.