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Started by Moreno R., May 25, 2012, 06:41:58 AM

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Moreno R.


One of my long-standing projects was to write a series of posts with a "best threads compilation" for a indie rpg.  None of these compilation is at this time really ready or complete, but seeing that in three weeks the Forge will close, I post them now or never...

In the state they are now, these can't be really called list of "best threads". So I am calling them "a few threads about..."

These threads are obviously open to contributions: if you know a thread that in your opinion should be in this list, post the link.

The time is flying and there is not the time to post about every game I wanted to.   So these last threads will be much less polished than the firsts.

Writing a list of My Life With Master links is difficult: not because it's difficult to find good threads, but because they are so many.  There is a entire subforum dedicated to the public playtest of the game, another for the published game, and a summary search for any thread that cite "My Life with Master" shows more than 1100 threads just in the Archive forum.

I had taken note of useful and/or good threads in the last years reading the Forge, but I did not write a detailed description of WHY any of these threads is useful.  And now there isn't the time.  And I have not even read more than half of these 1100 threads, so It's probable that there is some even more useful thread missing from the list

So, I am posting the list more or less without comments. This is really a list of "a few threads", that i consider useful: A too long list, but even making a selection would take too much time, sorry.

Said that, here is the list:

A brief article by Paul Czege (published on the "Second Person : Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media" MIT book), about protagonism and the genesis of the game: "My Life with Master: The Architecture of Protagonism"

The most cited article about "How to play the Master": A Manifesto on Mastery by Michael Miller, and the discussion about it...

Some good actual play threads, starting from some of Ron's:
[My Life With Master] Radium power
[My Life with Master] Black ooze oozes forth
[My Life with Master] Hell and heresy

...and others:
[MLWM] My Easter With Master
My Life with Father
[My Life With Master] Lord Blackwell

Some example of funny "setting" for MLWM:
My Life with Jesus
My Life with Sauron
the rpgmp3.com "Christmas Special" (my life with Santa podcast)
My Life with Tony (Blair)

But MLWM excel with less "funny" settings: if it will ever be translated in English, take a look at the "My life with Angelica" version, even more unsafe than the original game...

Other useful threads:
My Life with My Life with Master
MLwM - Considering the Endgame
[MLwM] - The Horror Revealed
[MLWM] Advice for a one session game
[MLwM] Question on Commands and those Tricky, Tricky Minions
Question: Using More/Less-Than traits, and trying to avoid conflict
First time ST for My Life With Master: Advice?
[MLWM] Weariness; Why do I want it again?
[MLwM] Becoming the Master
First campaign: Resisting Master, etc
Self-Loathing and More Than Human
[Lab] Setting Premise?
MLwM scene construction Qs: how do player requests work?
When are the dice rolled? All things Narrative?
Being Captured & Sincerity
MLWM rules confusion: overtures and intimacy
MLwM mechanics thinkin'
When Endgame is Tardy
Play group size for MLwM
Captures- What do I aim for?
When Endgame crashes and burns
Accidental de-protagonization

And, for advices about playing it at a convention or as a one-shot:  Running a con game of MLWM or DitV or what?


(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)