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About the Forge
This site is dedicated to the promotion, creation, and review of independent role-playing games. What is an independent role-playing game? Our main criterion is that the game is owned by its author, or creator-owned. We don't care what its physical format is - it can be:
  • a book in the game store
  • a PDF or HTML download from the Internet
  • a direct mail-order only
  • or anything else that is readily available
The Forge is not only a place for role-playing game authors, though. It's here for anyone interested in discovering new games, having better role-playing experiences, or discussing role-playing game theory.

The Forge contains the following resources and materials:

Come join in the best forum on the internet for discussion of independent RPG play, design, and publishing.

Our articles explain the theories we debate here, talk about the history of creator-owned role-playing games, and give advice for the independent role-playing game publisher.

Would you respect a movie reviewer that never watched films? If you read a review here, you know the reviewer has played the game for real.

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