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Title: The End
Post by: David B. Goode on March 04, 2008, 04:56:18 PM
Wow... this weekend we finished a two year campaign. It was wonderful! It was sad. Those characters were kinda like friends in a way, and I'm gonna miss them. Our finale included an epic battle to save Paris from a pair of Tarrasque (the children of the legendary Tarrasque of the legend of St. Martha), rescuing the immortal Saint Nicholas with help from Souris (the tooth-faerie), and returning a legendary city to its place in the clouds. There were revelations of babies and weddings to come, and secrets that would be shared for the benefit of the whole world. It was, in ways, ridiculous, but oh so much fun. Now, we're left with the question... what now?

Title: Re: The End
Post by: contracycle on March 05, 2008, 04:35:30 AM
Now,you pat yourself on the back for bringing a game to an entertaining conclusion, rather than simply trailing off, and start a new game once you are suitably refreshed.